The Sustainable Future Collective is a Movement

SFC believes in promoting sustainability in a way that is non judgmental and accessible to all. We bring a fresh, contemporary perspective towards these issues and take sustainability far beyond tree-hugging.

We belong to a multitude of disciplines, but we share a common goal. SFC is working towards a people powered, environmentally restorative future. We work with industry professionals, scientists, engineers as well as other university groups and organisations such as The Sustainability Society.

Our main focus is using these connections to educate and engage other students about environmental redress and how to get involved!

If you are interested in attending an event, or want to become a member, email us or like us on Facebook.

We believe change comes from doing


We believe in connecting with our members, the University, industry and communities as being a key part of what we do. SFC runs a vast array of events through the year, with a key focus on collaboration. We welcome all people of all disciplines, whether you are a uni student or working in industry! Our events so far have included:

  • BYO Bowl for Free Ice Cream

  • Millennial 101

  • Sustainability Potluck Dinners

  • Getting Wasted with SFC

  • Bee the Change with the UoA Bee Sanctuary

  • Free Things for Your Flat

  • Clothes Swap

  • Stitch & Bitch

  • Green Drinks with The Sustainability Society

  • UoA Ecofest

  • UoA Sustainability Week

  • Downer x SFC #hackourfuture Sustainability Challenge

  • Kathmandu Auckland Social Enterprise Collaboration


Collaborations are enginerooms for ideas. Power is in numbers.


Great ideas and initiatives come from the individual. The effect multiplies when individuals work together. SFC's key philosophy lies in collaboration and working with others to strengthen our impact. There are countless numbers of sustainably minded people and organisations out there, and we exist to give them a voice and bring them together as a movement. We work together with a ever growing family of partners across education, industry and communities and University Societies:

The Sustainability Society (TSS)
Auckland Council
Conscious Consumers
Effective Altruism
Engineering Without Borders
Fossil Free UoA
Go Beyond
Help Green Our Uni
Innocent Packaging
Engineering New Zealand (IPENZ)
New Zealand Green Building Council
Sustainable Coastlines

We are always keen to collaborate! Reach out using the Contact button


A better world starts with small steps....


Our roots lie in student life at university, and we wouldn't exist without our studies bringing us together. Our futures, attitudes, knowledge and expertise are somewhat built by our education; education has huge potential in shaping the next generation of young people in being more socially, ethically and environmentally responsible. Our mission is to integrate sustainability into university courses and lectures. Almost everything we can do from our learning, can be done greener and smarter. With so many of us, we as students carry the power to be able to improve our curriculum, and lead by example worldwide.

We have established on campus action groups, teams of passionate students working to help acheive a greener uni, each tackling different sustainability issues:

University Education
University Marketing
University Iniatitives
Uniersity Vendors
University Waste Management

If you're keen to join these initiatives, get in touch!