SFC was founded by students from the University of Auckland, from disciplines all over campus. Everyday people, just like me and you.


On one evening in semester two, 2016, a small presentation in the faculty of engineering run by The Sustainability Society (TSS, an IPENZ technical interest group, took place). A group of passionate engineering students were moved by this presentation; and in a spontaneous idea of collaboration with TSS in bringing sustainability to the university, SFC was born.

Since that night, The Sustainable Future Collective SFC has grown to an official UoA Club/Society with an executive team covering a multitude of disciplines, including Engineering, Commerce, Law, Arts and Planning. With over 500 members and almost 1k followers on Facebook, SFC have collaborated with other clubs, organisations and businesses and even university faculties, who share aligning values with us and strive to bring change.


What matters to us? 

Climate Change
Conservation and protection of the Environment and its species
Sustainable Innovation and Development
A Circular Economy
Humanitarian Initiatives
Fair Trade and Responsible, Ethical Industries
Sustainable Living
Reducing consumption of resources
Reducing the waste we produce

What matters to you?

Let's make change happen together


Meet the heart of SFC

2018 executive team

Mitchell Mackay

Karl Pereira

Joe Nimsoongnern

Blaise Turnbull

Jackson Harper
Action Group Leader- Transport

Heather Martin

Tessa Laven
Communications & Relationships

Meera Viswanath Shanthy

Anna Wright
Action Group Leader- Education

Ally Langenkamp
Action Group Leader- Waste Management

Cathy Xiong

Dana Ye-Lee

Aditya Palle

Helena Li
Action Group Leader - Vendors

Melanie Duff
Action Group Leader- On Campus


2017 Executive Team

Natasha Neeve
President / Co-Founder

Alice Howes
/ Co-Founder

Izzie Gunn
General Executive

Kirsty Cameron
Vice President / Co-Founder

Heather Martin

Natalie Yeh
General Executive


Caroline Hope
General Executive
/ Co-Founder

Tessa Laven
General Executive


Dalong Ye-Lee
Marketing, Communications & Relationships / Co-Founder

Blaise Turnbull
General Executive

Jonty Norton
General Executive

We've re-purposed thrifted tees into SFC apparel 

Our SFC tees are secondhand op-shop finds. We look for good quality tees in any size, any colour, any style. Next we organise a screen printing working bee. This means that our merch is handcrafted, ethical, and environmentally-friendly. 

Get your hands on one of our tees by coming to our events or emailing us.